The Allocentric Tourist Never Comes Home

Adjustment at arriving home has been filled with some interesting dilemmas. For instance, the other day at Greensboro Imaging, I was asked four times, by four different people "you ain't from around here are you?" Mind you, this phenomenon did not occur (or at least as often) before my departure. I'm not even sure how to answer that. I've lived hear for nearly a decade, and grew up here during a good-part of my childhood. Also, this isn't a one off occurrence, it's been happening daily.  I'm a tourist in my own home. I'm a TOURIST!

I think I just want to go home.

Perhaps it has something to do with being Allocentric. Yes, there's finally a name for me.  There's two types of people in this world- Psychocentrics and Allocentrics. Psychocentrics are tourists  who typically go to the same resort over and over again, choose safe, local, American locations, and like bundled packages. Allocentrics (meaning varied) love far off places, exotic locales, and forging the path to wild and new places. Some of us even immigrate into these cultures even when we're forced to return home, and when we do, we bring that part of us back. Perhaps where I'm from, at least partially is Belgian (or at least European)?

But this "issue" is not why I decided to write tonight. It was some interesting personality traits of the psychocentric personality in Stanley C. Plog's "Why Destination Areas Rise and Fall in Popularity" that really made me see, today's American (or most), as psychocentric:

  • As a result of this research, we developed a number of hypotheses which we wanted to test:
  • Non-flyers are fearful or anxious individuals who fear many things in their lives, not just flying.
  • People who do not fly are also non-adventuresome in other life areas.
  • People who do not fly also do not travel by other means of transportation.
  • Non-flyers did no travel as much as flyers when they were children.
  • Non-flyers generally feel ineffective in dealing with many areas of their lives.

Those last two say a lot  to me. If you don't travel with your children, then you''re basically dooming them to an un-adventuresome life that they can't deal with.

These and other hypotheses about the non-flyer were tested and found to be true in the research.

But it gets for worse for those of you committed to a bi-monthly trip to Myrtle Beach:

Pychocentric is a heavy television watcher and especially contributes to most of the high ratings of the top ten shows on television. The Allocentric, on the other hand, is much more print-media oriented, preferring magazines and newspapers, and he watches television less.

Now before you grab your latest I-Phone 5 and send me hate mail, consider this:

Allocentrics... are also pragmatic and practical. New products which sound gimmicky or without quality or substance do not appeal to them. A product must have inherent worth and offer an important advantage over an existing product.  

So by nature, I'm a tourist... and I love to run, to explore, to be more. I'm okay with that. Now if I can just find my way back home.


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