Best Hostel In Brussels

Sleep Well easily has one of the best located Hostels in Brux.
When I was traveling around Europe a few months back, it became quite easy to tell what were the best hostels in cities like Rome (The Yellow) or in Krakow (Goodbye Lenin), but recently I found myself in need of accommodation right here in Bruxelles, and unfortunately there wasn't a clear consensus as to where to stay. To make matters worse, many of the hotels are cheaper than hostels, so why would most people pay more for a hostel than private accommodation? The answer is of course, obvious, to those of us who commonly travel in hostels.

  • free breakfast
  • to meet people
  • better locations (centrally located)
  • bars inside of the hostels
  • parties

Of course Brux is slow this time of year. The hostel was not what you would say is a "rocking" place, and indeed the bar is minuscule (which matters little since you're feet from some of the greatest bars in the world). This of course is something that Sleep Well, the hostel we stayed at needs to work on; but, we adored the vending machines which were cheap and the availability of shampoos and soaps for sale at the front desk.. But you can't get more centrally located then where Sleep Well is. It's literally in the back-alley of the biggest shopping and tourist area of Brussels. The metro is less than five minutes (Rogier), and the rooms are absolutely immaculate and amazing (oh and hot showers too [almost too hot]). Our room even had a flat-screen television. 

Now, you must understand, Sleep Well is still under renovations from a huge fire that occurred about a year ago that burnt the place down, but because of this it's likely to be the nicest (and safest) hostel in Brussels.

I would have preferred baguettes (pain francais)  instead of American bread at breakfast, and they should expand their bar, but you really can't beat Sleep Well in my opinion, simply because of it's amazing location. Something you will appreciate when you visit the real bars near Grand Place (just a few minutes walk away), and want to find you bed at the end of the night.


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