Where to Eat Testicles?

A truly authentic Belgian style restaurant in Brussels.
Never thought I'd ever title a blog-post that.

There's something to be said about Brussels culinary history. Mention horse in the U.K. and people flip, but to Belgians, they're mouths begin to water. Of course I always thought downing a horse was the peak of my extraordinary and authentic Belgian cuisine experiences, but I was wrong. My friend Nino took me and Shannon last weekend to Restobieres, a very cool, and very Belgian restaurant that sells everything from rabbit to testicles. That's right, you heard me, testicles!

Called choesels, it's one of those dishes many expats don't even know about, and tourists would never know about. Even many of the Belge, while familiar with the dish are unlikely to have consumed them. A century ago, bull's balls were the epitome of high culture in Brussels, as the Anderlecht slaughterhouse turned out meat scraps for locals. The problem apparently was that choesels are a labor intensive dish that can take nearly an entire day to prepare.

Rabbit in wine sauce.

While I'll admit there was quite a bit of a mental obstacle to get over, I was convinced if I had ate horse, calamari, and octopus while in Europe, then testicles wouldn't be the dish that conquered me.

So I dug in and swallowed those balls.

To be honest, they weren't too bad, though I think I preferred Shan's rabbit. Honestly they tasted just like beef, cooked in sauce.

The truth is, the restaurant and the food was awesome. I think perhaps I've finally reached the summit of weird foods in Brussels, but I'm always on the search for something new. So if you fancy to know où manger des choesels, (Where to eat testicles?) then look no further than Restobieres.

The money-shot: choesels.


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