No one will live up to you that final day.
Your final embrace before the adieu
Before the sentence that took me away.
I compare the rest of my life to you.

Destiny is crushing me with Eden.
Murdering me with my own happiness.
I've built my own prison from my Elysium
For our love I'm sentenced to hopelessness.

We began in a moment of crisis.
What could have been infects what's left of me.
Stealing my future with your dark virus.
Impregnated with your reality.

Hope was my conquest. Dreams were my Zion.
Now ambition is my purgatory
and Hell grows within me. I am dying
happily never after this story.

From behind these bars, I watch life go on.
No more running to what others run from
Going insane remembering what's gone
 so that I no longer know who I am.

My nerves ache of everything I once felt.
My veins throb at the thought of lost lives lived.
I'm just a ghost now, my punishment dealt.
Your voo-doo goodbye gave me life revised.

Who am I? No one.
                               Hell with Elysium.


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