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The Truth about United 93

So one of the places we hit on the way back from Canada was the United Airlines Flight 93 Memorial (Note, the use of the name United appears nowhere within the memorial).

First, personally: I've always accepted the official story as truth, and I was deeply moved by my visit. It took a lot to hold back tears.

That said, my visit brought more questions about the crash than it answered. While I don't want to buy into conspiracy theories, the one fact I can't get over is the F-16 that chased flight 93.

What fighter-jet right? Apparently the official story is two un-armed fighters jets planned to ram the aircraft if it made it to Washington, but that makes no sense when there was plenty of time, and certainly armed jets sit ready to be scrambled. There was nearly a half-dozen documented first-hand accounts of a white or gray jet in pursuit (including several news reports) of the airliner before it crashed, and just using a little common sense about the most trigger-happy countr…

Germany Ohio

Germany is sometimes closer than you think. Last week on the verge of a mental breakdown, and threatening bodily harm if I spent a single moment more in the South, I rented a car and drove north. Since I could not afford the airplane ticket back to Europe, I decided to make the best of it by visiting German Village in Columbus Ohio. It's a quaint and cute neighborhood of small awkward houses built by German immigrants over 100 years ago. The roads are still (mostly) cobblestone, and the village is arranged around a single German restaurant (and sausage factory) called Schmidt's. 

It's the existence of Schmidt's Haus  that brings people to this tiny little German village, now over-run by modern yuppie home-owners who renovate their quaint European homes with air conditioning and aluminum siding. But Schmidt's look like a German themed restaurant, though tainted by tourism, and is unusually inviting considering its isolated location in Columbus. It's a five genera…

The South's Best Biscuit? Time Out Restaurant's Chicken and Cheddar Biscuit

Time Out's Chicken and Cheddar biscuit is one of the best things I've ever put in my mouth.

Near the campus of UNC Chapel Hill resides the biggest and best biscuit I've ever eaten. It's an over-sized biscuit filled with a de-boned chicken breast. No I'm not talking about a chicken patty of processed white meat chicken, I'm talking about a honking huge piece of chicken breast covered in cheddar cheese on a huge multi-layer biscuit dripping in butter.

Where is this incredible breakfast biscuit? Time-Out Restaurant on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. It's a rite of passage for students, a Tarheel favorite they claim.Walk in to the Carolina blue dining room and you'll be met by a sign that reads "Over 3.8 Million Sold". That's a lot of chicken and biscuits.

Is it good? Oh yeah. It's freakishly good. It's unfathomably belly filling breakfast deliciousness of taste-bud sexiness for only $5. It's one of the best things I've ever a…

If you believe marriage is one man and one woman.... You're wrong.

If you are one of the many people who believe marriage is between one man and one woman, you're wrong. In fact Jesus who lived a celibate life embodied a life of no marriage at all rather than embracing the institution of it. To be a true follower of Jesus, to live as he did, might actually be to divorce your wife, and merely do good in this world. I realize this might be hard to hear, and you might think you can come up with some sort of logic, or bias against my own, but have you ever taken the a moment just to consider you're wrong? I know I've been wrong.

See I was wrong when I first heard about Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love" book and movie. The first time I heard about it, on Oprah no less, I wrote it off as Christianity nonsense, another "Chicken Soup for the Rich Christian Soul", a book that "horribly" encourages devotion to the male gender by being a female slave to your husband. I was wrong of course. Though I stand by my h…

Vinkensport - Sports I never knew existed before Belgium.

On a lonely road in rural Waregem Belgium sits a mile long row of competitors sitting on chairs with birds in boxes. Birds nicknamed from Rambo to Duracel, the goal is to count the "tweets" (susk-e-wiets) that the birds produce within an hour.

The sounds are a unique noise which are tallied in chalk on long sticks, as the owners suspensefully sit on the edge of their seats waiting for the next chirp.

Vinken Sport is a four hundred plus year old Dutch sport that boggles the western mindset who are more apt to turn the animals into the balls they play sports with than make a game with the animals (e.g. pigskins).

There has been known issues with cheating, like the finch that turned out to be a endless-loop CD, or doping of the birds (seriously!!!).

Move over Anderlecht soccer team, Vinkensport is a serious competitors sport.

There are many things I never knew existed before living in Belgium. Somethings could only possibly occur here. -Though I'm in strong support of adding a n…

Top 10 Best Cheeseburgers in North Carolina

Let me disclose, that this list is distinctly from my perspective of living in the Triad of North Carolina. That said, the geography of these burgers spans from the Queen City to the Triangle, and represents some of the best burgers I've ever had. The following list of top 10 best burgers in NC is presented from best to good (1 to 10+). Enjoy!

1. Johnson's Drive In's Velveeta Cheese-Burger - Siler City, NC.
No matter where I drive, and what I eat, Johnson's is still No. 1 in my book, with its thick slices of Velveeta on hand-picked fresh beef patties, and their chili is the undisputed winner of chili-cheese fries. Other burgers might come close, but you can't beat the quality of the beef at Johnson's that's butchered fresh straight from the stockyard.

2. King's, Durham, NC
Stop what you're doing, cause King's will ruin every expectation of what a North Carolina burger joint should be. It will remind you of a California burger shack with an amazi…