Want to make a quick $250?

Want to make a quick $250?

Go to Well Fargo online, take about 5 minutes to fill out an application and open a checking account with $25. Use the debit card 10 times and they'll give you $250. (Go to the gas station and put a $1 in 10 times, etc.) Then simply close the account and withdraw the money.

Here's the link: https://www.wellsfargo.com/jump/checking/prospect-offer

Easy peasy.

Don't say I never gave you anything. ;)

Update 3/11: Apparently, the link is now dead. Good going for all those who got it.

Vinkensport - Sports I never knew existed before Belgium.

On a lonely road in rural Waregem Belgium sits a mile long row of competitors sitting on chairs with birds in boxes. Birds nicknamed from Rambo to Duracel, the goal is to count the "tweets" (susk-e-wiets) that the birds produce within an hour.

The sounds are a unique noise which are tallied in chalk on long sticks, as the owners suspensefully sit on the edge of their seats waiting for the next chirp.

Vinken Sport is a four hundred plus year old Dutch sport that boggles the western mindset who are more apt to turn the animals into the balls they play sports with than make a game with the animals (e.g. pigskins).

There has been known issues with cheating, like the finch that turned out to be a endless-loop CD, or doping of the birds (seriously!!!).

Move over Anderlecht soccer team, Vinkensport is a serious competitors sport.

There are many things I never knew existed before living in Belgium. Somethings could only possibly occur here. -Though I'm in strong support of adding a new layer to this sport, and deep-frying the losers with some frites. That would create some motivation to chirp.

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