Going Over Niagara Falls

My adventure in going over Niagara Falls was only feet away.

So a few weeks ago on our trip back from Niagara Falls, I'm standing on the Canadian side standing at the railing with billions of gallons of water before me, and all I can think about is jumping off, and diving in.

It seems like a rather peculiar thought but there before me was adventure, something to conquer. Of course rational thought won out, and I realized my chance of survival in going over Niagara Falls was probably slim to none. (Apparently the odds are actually pretty good according to the Internet which suggests a 75% survival rate [though most of these were in barrels, or protective contraptions], but I digress.)

It's the number one place to honey-moon, but Niagara Falls didn't feel romantic to me.

No life has pretty much (as we say in the hood) chilled-the-eff-out. Even this dramatic, whirlwind trip up to Canada was more sitting on my rear behind the wheel of a rental car, than actual adventure. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying, it seems to be missing something I need in my life. American life (my American life) is too easy, too uneventful. You can't walk anywhere interesting (you've got to take a car), or take a train anywhere (for the most part). Hitchhiking rarely occurs (besides Shannon shot that idea down), and things like freight-car-hopping (an American past-time in the 30's) have been made illegal. Anything of interest has been commercialized (hot-springs, mountains), and the whole process of adventure: American style, has been reduced down into a glob of big brand chains of $89 a night hotels, broken swimming pools, and endless uneventful highways of nothingness between occasional commercialized attractions. People don't want to swim in a river of danger, they want their ten minutes of standing besides the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls, then to head on over into the local Applebees for a Daiquiris and WiFi to upload their bragging rights to Facebook. This is what my life has been reduced to.

Not the best photo of me.
No I want to go over Niagara Falls, come out the other-side stripped naked of my clothes by the torrential waters, stand on the banks of the river and and toss a giant one-finger salute to something only a few people have done. I don't want to be the majority. I don't want to settle for mediocrity. The problem, is I'm not sure how to apply this metaphorical suicide-mission to reality. I think traveling is going to be a huge part of it. I think there's going to be risks involved. I think I need to find a career which enables me to find the adventure in life that satisfies the monster within. The monster that whispers in my ear while I casually pretend to be just a normal tourist at Niagara Falls, "jump, jump, jump". So when you see a photo of me, standing beside the falls, with a smirk on my face, now you know that, that's the moment I traded adventure for normalcy and was internally saddened by that choice.


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