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Welcome Home

WELCOME HOME CHRISTIE, 30ish, stands at the door frame of an up-town high-rise flat on the 86th floor, belonging to her parents. She is dressed in tattered jeans, and dirty t-shirt. She wears a bandanna around her head. She has likely not bathed in several days. She carries a hiking backpack with mat, covered in patches of countries, and a shell hanging from the pack. It's been a long time since she's been stateside. She stands at the door, starts to press the door bell, then hesitates.  She closes her eyes. She presses the door bell. The door bell can be clearly heard. CHRISTIE waits (about one minute). She presses the button again. Several seconds later she presses it again. Then again.  She doesn't notice the neighbor across the hall has now popped her head out her door to witness the repetitive bell ringing. CHRISTIE kicks the door leaving a mark, the door doesn't budge. She collapses where she stands and lays her head on the door.  The door opens and MOM is standing there. MOM M…

Every choice that I make changes the course I take.

About two years ago, I graduated our highly esteemed community college (locally known as Ghetto Tech) with an Associates Degree and had to make plans for my B.A. - At the time, I highly marketed the concept that Shannon and myself transfer to K.U., an university in Louvain, Belgium (20 miles south of Brussels). The university, a Catholic one, was merely an "escape hatch" for me from the U.S., and remains one of the few universities in Belgium that takes U.S. financial aid. Needless to say, because of the complicated nature of our lives, and a bit of psycho-centrism on Shannon's part (not to mention we had no clue how to ship a 70 lb Labrador abroad), we decided to stay in the (good-ole) United States for our B.A.s. There was a compromise though: I would study abroad for a semester in Belgium...

...and that's exactly what I did. In the Fall of 2012 I attended Vesalius College via the ISEP program and the IPC at UNCG. While there, I traveled, got involved in the communi…

Eve Monologue

EVE EVE You want to know my real name? Perhaps, I would have you believe that I was ribbed into existence, but all is just the navel plot, for his life of sacrifice would not exist without my being. My name, a mere alias, thought given by some greater cause, just like him, is but a guise, a corset-armor of underestimation, rivaling any of his strength.  Oft, the one who claims to have created Eden is asked, if only in the scolded minds of those who praise him, “Does the creator have a creator?” To describe him as powerful, strong, and beautiful is to describe me. Yet to escape the gravity of time, and the minds of those who would prefer a patriarchal head, womanhood’s strategic and stealth presentation of naiveté: my tears,  my seduction, or in the  minds of some men, ignorance, is my weapon. Yet it’s my children, born or reared, that is my omnipotence. I am the Dead Hand of man, and the fail-safe of mankind. Should I ever choose to withdraw myself from man, or God, then his reign an…

Gone in 8.6

GONE CHARLOTTE comes stage center on an empty stage. The whistle of a descending plane can be heard in the background, first as a whisper, growing more intense. CHARLOTTE Today is the day I die. CHARLOTTE looks to the roof and smiles. A row of airline passenger seats roll onto stage. Two frantic passengers are sitting there in the seats. CHARLOTTE sits down between them and places the oxygen mask on as the two passengers panic. STEWARDESS enters from side-stage dressed in vintage 60's (Pan-Am) outfit, grabs the intercom: STEWARDESS Brace. Brace. Brace... The three passengers brace for impact. The sound of the air, and descending sounds grow more and more. CHARLOTTE, still with her head down opens her eyes and looks above her mask at the audience like a line-backer ready to tackle. The sounds become opaque for a moment. CHARLOTTE (CHARLOTTE laughs) You know how they say your life flashes before your eyes when you die? Bright Light from the roof of the stage (aircraft). The PASSENGER sat beside …

The City of Angels and Demons

It's been a while since I've flown domestic. Domestic travel is far different than any international flight. It's quick (4 hours to L.A.), cramped, and typically the destination isn't much different from the one you departed from. America is homogenized, it's safe. The same restaurants, there is always a Wal-Mart, and while some of us do lack in the linguistics department, we all speak the same language (something I don't prefer). I don't travel domestically because I want to, but  because I have to. This last weekend, over fall break, we flew back to Los Angeles (Ventura) to see my mother-in-law who is stricken with leukemia.

We went back because we knew it was the right thing to do, but it wasn't easy (nor cheap). Our "family" has many of the problems that many families do. Things have been said and done in the past that left us ostracized and exiled, and for seven years we hadn't been back. Of course we didn't expect things had chang…

Zombie Zoo

Pizza Parlor, Interior, Day. Character 1 and Character 2 await their pizza at a booth within the establishment. CHARACTER 2 I'm sooooo hungee!
CHARACTER 1 Ok, it's the zombie apocalypse and you've locked yourself into the zoo. What animal do you eat first? CHARACTER 2 Where the fuck did that come from? CHARACTER 1 What do you think people do when they're starving during war, don't be naive! It starts with their pets. During the Franco-Prussian war, the French ate their dogs and cats, soldiers ate their horses, and the royalty ate from their zoos. CHARACTER 2 Ewww. That's fucking sick dude. Who the fuck would eat furry fucking puppies? CHARACTER 1 Hungry people. CHARACTER 2 Giraffe. CHARACTER 1 What? CHARACTER 2 I'd eat the giraffe first. CHARACTER 1 Why the giraffe? CHARACTER 2 I've never ate giraffe. (pause) I mean, what's more exotic than eating a giraffe? If your going turn neanderthal, spear an animal, then roast it for dinner- a giraffe seems pretty epic to me. C…