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Best seats in the sky

More domestic flying last week, with a quick jaunt to Dallas. Dallas is an amazing city that I have been fortunate to travel to several times over the last few years. It's like Los Angeles with less traffic and drama. Unfortunately it's plagued with a few problems.

American problems like dysfunctional public transport, and lack of cheap hostel accommodations.  There are, two hostels in the area (which I'm aware of), neither resemble a typical European hostel. Attempt to travel from the airport to Carrollton (a suburb) and you'll find yourself in the middle of a 3-4 hour road journey. Nope, Dallas is the All-American city, best driven in a car.  The moment I landed I was handed the keys to a honking huge Ford SUV, and drove to my 3 star Holiday Inn. It's definitely a huge transition for me, where even in my Stateside life I drive a Geo Metro, and travel sans suitcase with my old backpack I traveled on foot across Spain with.

Before I left for Texas, I attached a new p…

Sex, Drugs and Taming Shrews

An off-yellow 1982 Chevrolet Malibu station wagon sits on the right of stage (stage left) with the passenger door open, a baby seat in the back, and Kate is sitting cramped within the passenger seats. It's emergency flashers are on, and Oliver is working under the hood. He is the literal and metaphorical mechanic, who fixes what is broken: both people and things. The car is filled with everything from their move. A dim light shines upon her as she reminisces about a few nostalgic things in the car. Eventually, Oliver closes the hood and moves to center stage, he has an English dialect. He addresses the audience directly. OLIVER Thou came to hear a love story no? A tragedy perhaps? What is love without tragedy? In the end, one or both must die, no? I mean, not every story has a happy ending... OLIVER pulls out a pill bottle and swallows a pill. OLIVER (CONT.) ...but everyone has a story. Everyone thinks there story is important. Well mine is complete rubbish. Oliver turns towards KATE but…