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Intercultural Development Inventory - IDI

Permit me to talk about something called the IDI., something which might technically bore my readers to pieces (but never-the-less is important). What's the IDI you may ask? Well, in short, it's a test, a quiz if you will that is supposed to determine your ability to be culturally sensitive and aware (measure of intercultural competence). The Intercultural Development Inventory is used by universities, governments, and corporations to gauge an individuals culture-ness. It's scientifically backed, and accurate I'm told; however, I have strong legitimate concerns about the validity of it. This is not to say it is not effective, in a general sense, with the majority of the population, but it's been my experience when you attempt to define a person, by placing them into categories, by telling them who they are, you end up contradicting your intentions. In fact, if there is an ideal cultural superhero that institutions would hunger for, it would be an individual aware o…