America Drugs its citizens with their dreams.

A land of opportunity they say and hope is not necessarily a bad thing. However, in America we've made hope into a drug which pollutes the minds of its citizens. We've taken something we humans need just like water, air or food and we've commercialized it like a Happy Meal. We simply can't believe in a normal life anymore. In a land littered with American Idols, Paris Hilton, Jon Benet Ramsie, and childhood cliches which suggest that in a land of opportunity, eventually all your dreams do come true- how can anyone possibly ever argue America isn't great?

I imagine certain individuals will reject my thesis or be angered by it, however it is important to recognize the consequences of an insidious system which manifests its own withdrawal mechanism to maintain its power over citizens and keep its dreamers addicted to hope. If even the slightest possibility exists that any of this is true, isn't this a sign things have gone terribly wrong? If the hope of the American people, our idea of what we can achieve, is so misaligned with reality then shouldn't someone say something?

But.... "You can achieve anything if you try hard enough".

Look, I could try till the day I die to sing like Celine Dion but it isn't going to happen. Besides we don't grow up with rational hopes and dreams, we want to be astronauts, heroes, rock-stars, or actors. The majority of us didn't say we want to excel at the McDonald's Managerial Program and one day be able to afford a car. I know of adults who are fifty years old that are so delusioned by the American Dream that they think they're just one lotto ticket away from all their dreams. Individuals who believe their kids are the next American Idol or that their grand-kids are so talented that their success will manifest the destiny they envisioned. Why are we so blinded by people like Madoff despite obvious evidence to the contrary? Why? We love rich people. We believe we will be one someday.

But let's be honest, hope, outside of America, in many countries, is about hoping to have food for the next meal or one day not being in a war zone. Hope is wishing that you'll survive past the age of 25 or obtaining a basic education. We've turned hope into some bastard form of itself where we're spending so much time hoping and dreaming we forget about living.

Isn't that a definition of a drug? When it interferes with life. When you sit in that cubicle just hoping your life is going to change, too scared to simple just be that person you are and you keep telling yourself "One day my boss will recognize how great a person I am and give me a promotion", someday this, someday that. Maybe I'll get discovered at karaoke night at the Chinese restaurant or maybe on vacation in Hollywood a big executive-type person will discover me. Seriously, where the heck do we come up with this crap?

Why would they want to drug us with our dreams? Because personal initiative is deterred in the country: you can't have everyone succeed. The system we have here in America requires the majority of people to be in a drug induced coma mindlessly buying into a system where a few succeed.

Dreams are not a bad thing, they're very important. However, if you don't act on them, work towards them, MAKE THEM HAPPEN, then you've wasted all the potential of becoming a useful part of the human narrative.

The irony of it is, most of us will never see our dreams because of our system. We will die as slaves to the few who do succeed. That's America, that's capitalism, that's your life. Just say no to drugs.


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