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Greensboro's Best Blogs

Please note that this is an archived post and information may be outdated.

Blogging once was a very popular thing in North Carolina. Greensboro,  nicknamed Blogsboro by the Los Angeles Times, called the online craze our "second revolution".Things have changed, bloggers have come and gone (Jeff Martin, David Hoggard, etc). A few of us have stuck around. I've been blogging in some form or fashion since 1999, but didn't really join the local community until around 2006. Today I run several websites and blogs, two of the most popular are this one and Nosh ( an online recipe blog. I've even published a couple books based on my travels and blogging.

Something I've thought about lately was that I should compile a list of local (quality) blogs online. Roch has been running Greensboro 101 (an aggregator) for sometime, but with respect, I'm going to list the people I read on a daily basis, the bloggers and local web celebrities I deeply respect…

River Tubing In North Carolina on the Dan River

The Triad is not really known for adventure. There are days I long for the far off places on Pinterest, but I know that I live in a state where nature sometimes comes secondary to our commercial and industrial needs. However there's one place, right in our backyard, that rivals the rivers of far off places like Jamaica, Belize, or Hawaii.  Where you can go river tubing through the forests, get out and hike local caves, and enjoy a 2.5 hour trip down the most tranquil and beautiful North Carolina countryside. The best part it cost only about $7 per person on the weekdays ($10 on weekends), and is less than an hour from Greensboro.

We went to the Danbury General Store, who offers complete tubing trips which include a tube and shuttle to a private launch pad. While the water isn't sparkling clean (it is a river after all), the area used for tubing is above the Duke Power ash spill, and is completely untainted. Unfortunately a lot of people are confused about the issue and it has…