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How do people travel so much?

A few years back, I was working at a large corporation, I hadn't gone on any real vacation in over ten years, I had never been abroad, and that's when I decided to visit London. Upon my return I was forced back into training as punishment for leaving by my angry boss who made the smug remark, "well not all of us can afford to visit England for vacation". You could tell her sense of social hierarchy was about to make her head explode, as me, the little minion of cubicle slave labor had suddenly operated outside our social contract, where poor people aren't supposed to travel.

Interestingly, this was long before I really knew how to travel cheaply. That trip, around 2009, cost $2200 for myself and Shannon. That included staying at a four-star hotel, and eight days in London, a car rental for a day out to Bath, and seeing Stonehenge.  The airline tickets were the most costly part, at around $700 a piece, however, they were a direct flight for us.

Crazy enough, today, …

The true meaning of life.

So over the fourth of July, while sitting on a hillside in my hometown, watching the fireworks, I noticed the golden flakes that showered to the ground in-between each explosion. No one ever notices the fading death of the fireworks, but there they were, speaking to me. Most of us are blind to this after-beauty moment because we're intensely waiting for the next explosion. This summer, I've felt a bit like that withering firework.

I realize I've been absent online this summer. It was supposed to be the pinnacle of my university education. After all, I graduated in May cum laude, and I should be enjoying the spoils of years of hard work on the beach somewhere, traveling, sipping on a vodka cocktail, however, this is not the case. To be completely honest, it's been a rather miserable summer overall as my income has become our sole income, and unfortunately, this leaves us without discretionary funds. However, after what I've seen and done in the last few years, I rema…