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Malls are the American version of the European Square.

File this under culture. 
Malls are really nothing more than a corrupted socialistic scheme. That's right, the concept of the mall was originally designed to be a community center, similarly to the plazas and squares of Europe. They were designed to be an answer to capitalistic American sprawl by a socialist architect, Victor Gruen, (he hated outward facing storefronts destroying the beauty of America) who had hoped to build a center-city or square (the mall), surrounded by homes to create communities similar to the European style . Instead, his vision became isolated islands of capitalism, where nearby neighborhoods were replaced with parking-lots.
Most Americans would recognize Gruen's work from Epcot at Disney. His designs promised the city of the Future, and are continued under Disney's development arm, often referred to as Project X. Celebration, Florida is an example of Gruen's work.
In a sense, America corrupted a socialist's idea of modern capitalism, and dist…

How long for an U.K. Visa?

It's now day thirteen since the U.K. Border Agency received my student visa application and I still don't know my academic future. Applying for the visa is a monumental hurdle in itself at a cost over $500 just to receive permission to come to the U.K. and be allowed to spend thousands of dollars on education.  Personally, I don't understand first world country's border controls. They seem a bit absurd in my opinion. I truly believe that the creators of Shengen Area had the right idea. The idea of free movement, which is commonplace in mainland Europe provides better safety and economic benefit to citizens. The U.K. appears to be a bit too nostalgic (as does the U.S.) for borders that they believe will protect them from the evil terrorists, and the parasitical over-stayers who steal British jobs. Except, most of these fears are without merit and merely complicate the immigration process for law abiding applicants. I've worked with illegal immigrants and refugees, a…

10 Greensboro facts that will blow your mind.

A lot has changed in Greensboro. There's been a lot of missed opportunities, a lot of changes, some that you may have never even realized. There used to be a skating rink in the mall, before the mall became a Wal-Mart. There used to be a sunken ship in a lake on Wendover, and Cotton Mill Square used to be an actual mill before becoming student apartments (or a outlet mall). It all makes for some interesting trivia. For instance, the word Guilford is derived from the Saxon name Gyldeford, meaning golden ford (ford means shallow crossing). Likely referring to golden flowers or sand by the ford. We likely just stole it from England (there's a Guildford County near London), when royal colonist came across.

Want to know why Greensboro smells like butterscotch or other flavors when driving through on I-40? A company called Mother Murphy's produces flavors for commercial foods making the area smell like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. However, you probably knew all this. So…

6 Completely True but Unbelievable Viral Greensboro Moments

There's no place like home, and Greensboro has a reputation for some of the most interesting viral moments in the news and media and on the web. I'm sure we've missed a few, so if you have one to be added, shoot me an email and let me know. 

1. Greensboro Children were paid a dollar a day to not get pregnant.
In 1999, a program aimed at reducing teen pregnancy, paid local citizens a $1 a day to not get pregnant. The College Bound Sisters Program , rewarded children starting at age 12 for their ability to prevent their ovaries from becoming infested with the evil seeds of mankind. If the girl made it to college unfertilized, they could have earned up to $2,000 towards their college education. The program was administered by UNCG and funded by the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

2.Southern Guilford High Shcool spelling mistake.
In 2010, Greensboro received international notoriety when the image of  a road in front of Southern Guilford was repaved and school zone ma…