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Best restaurants in Cardiff

When I arrived in Cardiff, I really was expected to be impressed by the food here. My previous visits to foreign countries always seem to have some unexpected delicacy around the corner, but I found (at first) I was overwhelmed with mediocre reincarnations of often American food without anything that stood out. A friend of mine from China takes me to Burger King weekly with the joy of a child going to Disneyland, however, I attend reluctantly only to aid her in realizing the Western experience. In fact, I find it a bit hilarious that I've been here only a month, and I found a bar with a Dixie Burger (at Brewdawg) or as we'd call it in North Carolina, a Carolina Burger. It's basically chili-cheese and coleslaw on a hamburger. Of course, I'm not sure if the chef at Brewdawg has ever been to North Carolina, but we don't put beans in our chili that goes on sandwiches. Considering this folly, I still feel it was a decent burger (though a bit overpriced).

What I'm try…

Cottingley Fairies

One of the more interesting stories I've heard while living in the  U.K. is the Cottingley Fairies. To a skeptical one, I'm quick to regard the story, or any story for that matter, with fairies, as a hoax, but in 1917 a series of photos were taken in Bradford that led to one little girls death. The photo evidence in the death revealed the girl with several fairies, and to which were authenticated and analyzed by a photo expert who decided "these dancing figures are not made of paper nor any fabric; they are not painted on a photographic background—but what gets me most is that all these figures have moved during the exposure."

One time during a previous employment, I recommended to a customer a product that had a cute image of children with colorful wings on it. The customer then screamed at me "Those aren't children with wings, those are fairies! Do you know what fairies are?", she asked. "No mam, I don't.", I trembled with fear. "Fa…

To Live is to Risk

I'm not sure exactly what to write tonight, I just know I should. It's been too long since I've posted anything here and far too many people have been wondering about life here in the Diff (Cardiff). My arrival was interrupted by the death of my mother-in-law, a fact which I'm sure she's proud of. Her talents at being difficult seem to have followed her beyond this life and into the next realm. The planning and effort required by those living to make my return to the States has left me a bit unsettled here in Cardiff (none the less, I'm grateful for everyone helping me). I'm now back and its now time to begin what will come next.

Next is a rather unique word because really none of us know what's truly lying in our future. Never could I have imagined several years ago, how a dream could become a reality. While blogging tends to be quite narcissistic simply by its nature, it's important for me to thank everyone who has helped me arrive at this moment, …

Climbing the Socio Economic Ladder from Poverty.

When I was little I remember the “dance” my parents played with each other while driving down the road. Mom loved garage sales, but considering she was slightly near-sighted, rarely could she see them in time to request my father to stop as we drove in the car. Dad of course, would remain silent if he witnessed one first simply to prevent from having to stop, often accelerating to increase his odds of avoidance. If by some chance Mom did notice a shopportunity in time, arguing would ensue just long enough so that Dad could validate not stopping by saying he had already passed it. I eventually felt bad for my Mom and began to aid her with pointing out these rummage sales (I also secretly enjoyed shopping at them too). This was often met with dirty looks in the rear-view mirror from my dad to censor my observations. I should also point out my father is a lovely man, who on occasion, out of the kindness of his heart, permitted us to stop without persuasion.

Yet I remember a time earlier …

The Angel of Senghennydd Court

Glistening nights, drinking it up, to the night sky she lifts her cup. Innocence lost to the music, her stolen life fades. One last trick.
Starving herself into his arms. Would they notice if she self harms? Her inflicted paranoia, one more hit, here comes hypnoia.
She can't get him out of her head, temptation in another's bed. No one knows she's falling apart. Cause of death? A conflicted heart.
Fading now, she steps to the edge. Arms out, one more step off the ledge. She's waited long enough to fly. They ignored her, now they'll ask why.
Forever young for a life cut short. The Angel of Senghennydd Court.