Cottingley Fairies

One of the more interesting stories I've heard while living in the  U.K. is the Cottingley Fairies. To a skeptical one, I'm quick to regard the story, or any story for that matter, with fairies, as a hoax, but in 1917 a series of photos were taken in Bradford that led to one little girls death. The photo evidence in the death revealed the girl with several fairies, and to which were authenticated and analyzed by a photo expert who decided "these dancing figures are not made of paper nor any fabric; they are not painted on a photographic background—but what gets me most is that all these figures have moved during the exposure."

One time during a previous employment, I recommended to a customer a product that had a cute image of children with colorful wings on it. The customer then screamed at me "Those aren't children with wings, those are fairies! Do you know what fairies are?", she asked. "No mam, I don't.", I trembled with fear. "Fairies are demons. They're demonic beings sent by the Devil.".

Quite honestly, that was my definition of children too, but I wasn't going to argue. So I'll keep my eyes out here in Cardiff for a fairy. I guess the real question is, who wouldn't want to be taken away by a magical creature, to a wonderful land!


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