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Cardiff Street Food

I've now witnessed several cities as they embarrass the mobile food truck scene.  It's been frustrating and nail-biting all at the same time (I'm talking to you Greensboro). I even did a research project during my undergraduate degree on this exact topic. Truth be known, restaurants hate them (it's hard to compete with a food trucks overhead and mobility), and cities may see them as code violating, ugly, additions to the town landscape. Yet a simply truth remains, you have to be really, really, good at food or you're not going to last long in the food-truck industry.. In fact, street food is an industry where you're either going to be good at it or fail at it very quickly. There is no learning curve. Your reputation and respect rely solely on how good your product is, and how well you prepare your food.

Of course, if you know me, I'd take street-food any day of the week  over a five-star restaurant. So when I heard that a hip new venue appeared in Cardiff, w…

Why did you choose Cardiff University?

People often ask me, “Why did you choose Cardiff?” The first few weeks of class I kept my little secret to myself. I was fearful people would discount me for my answer, because let’s be honest, who bases their whole life around a dream? Recently I’ve began to tell the truth despite the fact there’s absolutely no rationality to it. Perhaps I’m risking my whole life on the chance to be something I’m not, but I can’t imagine life without at least trying to find my own happiness.

It began with my most favourite childhood possession, a stuffed teddy-bear given to me by my grandmother when I was little. This bear, who my grandmother named, was my best-friend and my comfort for most of my young life. I could tell Teddy all my secrets and he always understood, he never judged me. As many only-children know, the expectations of your parents often conflict with the nature of being a child.  Adulthood couldn’t seem to come fast enough for my parents who always expected a perfection that I was of…