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Athens to Venice by Ferry.

Reluctantly, I left Athens for Patras by coach by the third day of my holiday. I loved my stay in Greece and didn't know for sure if I wanted to leave. For someone who speaks multiple languages and has traveled extensively, I still found the trip on public transportation complicated. That said, without incident I boarded the bus for a three hour trip to the western tip of Greece where I would catch my Anek ferry. If my trip was in any way touristy up to this point it was all about to change.

Ferries are a really cool way of travel. There is something nostalgic about spending two days on a boat to somewhere you've never been. Going out on the deck in the middle of the night, surrounded by nothing but water, no phone signal, and no one who speaks English on board, tends to either set one's perspective either very right or very wrong.

Arriving in Patras, the bus station is literally a hundred meters from the Mediterranean sea. I could see a giant Anek ship parked at a port upon…

Leave It Better

So the following post has less to do with my program, less to do with Cardiff, and more about merely the experience of being here. In that sense I must disclose that what I’m about to say is only my personal opinion.

As you may or may not know, I just turned thirty something, have two kids, and a spouse. I have an ancient black Labrador retriever and two cats, one with a serious pasta addiction. This, my other life, sits some three-thousand miles away in the U.S. – I’m here doing my MA in some attempt to dig my family out of poverty and perhaps find that opportunity to live in Europe, a dream I’ve held since I was little. Undeniably this situation presents a lot of problems, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Likely there’s others who have had to sacrifice their lives to make a better one. It’s not easy, but each day I feel I’m getting closer to where I’m supposed to be.

For awhile it was easier here than my undergraduate Erasmus in Belgium because I felt our relationship was more secure.  …

The epic of Athens dwells within.

I'll admit that I had some preconceptions about Greece. It’s never portrayed brilliantly in Western media. There's the ferries that have sunk, economic disasters, and  I suspect that media's portrayal of Greece is westernized paternal shame to shun the country into economic compliance. However, the Greece I visited was one of the loveliest countries that I had ever been to in my life (I honestly would consider living there if I could). The people were super friendly, tourism is managed excellently (take note Egypt), and the sights, sounds, and foods made me believe know that I've got a travel crush on this country.

It started on my flight with Aegean Air, my code-share flight on United Airlines from the U.S. The meal which consisted of Greek cheeses, salads, and foods that were rich and soulful and a great introduction to what was come. A nice welcoming for a college student with no money (FYI, most all attractions are free with a E.U. Student ID [thank's Greece!].…