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Venice, beneath the surface.

When I left Rome two years ago, I didn't have high expectations for coming back to Italy. Venice was always on my mind though. It's generally an expensive option to arrive at even in Europe, but when the opportunity arrived to take a ferry from Athens to Venice for only about seventy Euros, I jumped at the chance.

After about two days on an Anek ferry we arrived in port. I had assumed we'd be arriving into the same port with which most cruise ships do based on internet research, but his was not the case. We arrived somewhere in the middle of no where (I still have no idea where it was). The port wasn't even finished being constructed and I disembarked into barbed wire fences and gray pavement. It reminded me of the pictures of  the military base at Guantanamo Bay, this place being slightly less welcoming. Security was a tent, and flashing my U.S. passport while carrying a 40 liter pack earned me a smile and a wave through the border control. I quickly learned I had no i…