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A Song for September.

I've never been good at singing, sports, or living my life within boxes. I like to draw outside the lines, drive too fast, and I'm addicted to that feeling of uncertainty. It's good to know your talents in this life. I've refined mine over the years. I generally know what people think before they do. I see the world without time, an ability to seize tomorrow by realizing it today. It's often a painful realization that what's to come is before you, but it also gives you an opportunity to change things.

Why have I chosen to write this post after being silent for almost eight months abroad? Because Summer is before me. Because September, when my school year ends, means that this story, this tale of almost six years of clawing my way out of normality is coming to an end. What I know is this, these are the last moments of a life that includes countless characters, both heroes and villains. A story that has involve loss, love, and sacrifice. A story that I've dr…

Not so Cinderella in Cardiff

The clock is about to strike midnight. The pen is beckoning me so I’ll be fast. What I can’t get out of my head is how quickly the year has gone. More to the point, I worry about the end. The day that will come where I’m told I’m no longer welcome in this country and I’m forced to leave. Others have expressed similar sentiment lately. What we want is to stay, but for those of us unfortunate enough to be born from outside the European Union,  we’re forced to find an employer willing and capable of filing a special visa status for us. Unfortunately, these do not appear to be common, especially within the field of communications.

Indeed, the statistics are bleak, and only about 4000 students from across the U.K get to stay on after they graduate. That’s after many more students, like myself, have spent a fortune living here for a year. I’m pragmatic with myself, I’ve already accepted that unless someone is willing to give me a break, the day will come when I board a jumbo, and leave  (li…