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These Fleeting Moments

54,720. That's how many minutes are left.

For almost a year I've heard the church bells ring on the hour. I've walked past the clock tower at Cardiff City Hall every day, it's face staring at me. The seconds have turned into minutes, minutes into hours, and eventually I find myself wondering where all the time has gone. So I slumber in the dream, waiting for the alarm clock to go off. It's just before dawn in the middle of August. The sun is sharp here, like a razor on the skin, then a cold breeze blows over my burning flesh. I can hear the door shutting behind me, and I can feel gravity pulling me into reality.

It seems like only yesterday that we all began as strangers. Strangers who became friends, friends whose loyalty has made us family. The conversations, the tears, the screams, all are fading into memories. These experiences now depart each of us in these final moments of a year that has delivered us from the past. Soon our year here will take its fi…