Finding India in Greensboro

There's been the question if I'm back. I'm not sure that I have an answer to that. I did finally unpack after three months, so I'd say I'm getting there.

I've taken the whole Netflix and Chill phenomenon to a whole new level. Watching every single Bollywood movie available for streaming. I was then led to a dilemma of having to fill my appetite for India in new way, by actually leaving the house. Of course, having been rear-ended a few weeks ago and being busy with job interviews and applications, I was ecstatic with enthusiasm to actually leave the house and go in search of a ladoo.

What's a ladoo? Ladoos (or ladou) are Indian sweets. I had my first experience with them in Cardiff at Pooja Sweets, so when I found out there's a Indu store within driving distance, I had to go. What I found was a lovely little shop with everything I could ever dream of. I picked up some Chai (tea), some paneer, a few ladoos and a couple of other things.

What a strange, wonderful world we live in. The other day I went into my doctor's and the nurse asked about me going to school in the U.K. - She asked, "aren't you afraid the terrorists are going to get you?" I chuckled a bit and replied "no". Here in the land of Trump supporters, Confederate flags and guns.... I found India. I guess that's the goal of life, to find the beauty in everything.


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