Taking a bite out of the Italian Stallion.

You know if the Greensboro Police are eating there, it's good.
The movie Rocky has to be the single best love story ever made (do not argue with me). I've seen all the movies, went to Philadelphia and yesterday I had the chance to take a bite out of the Italian Stallion at Giacomo's in Greensboro. The Italian Stallion is a sandwich at this amazing little Italian deli next to the Brassfield shopping center. The meats and cheeses are out of this world but with only four tables expect it to be crowded. No worries, it's all worth it... because this is the real deal.
A Keto friendly Italian Stallion sub from Giacomo's in
Greensboro, NC.

I  ordered mine without bread (stupid diet). This might have been a big mistake and the staff seemed a bit off balance by my request. I wouldn't have asked but someone on Yelp had done it before. I do sort of regret it, because the breads look amazing but you have to make sacrifices sometimes when you want to look like a champion and not Paulie Pennino.

Yo! If you're into a treat they have everything from homemade pastas, meatballs, noodles and meats and cheeses. Screw Olive Garden and their crappy breadsticks! Take your Adrian to a real Italian market. It's almost hard to believe this is in Greensboro.

Before we left we had decided that next time we're going all in for a meatball sub on bread. Of course I've got to start training now but I believe it will be worth the fight.... for another bite.


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