Best breakfast in North Carolina?

Lately, I've been looking for any chance to get away. I bought a convertible Mustang and with the weather approaching awesome, I've been searching for all those secret places to drive to. It's like my own Diners, Drive-ins and Dives tour. A few days ago I stumbled upon a little place just south of Burlington in a town called Saxapahaw. It's a historic mill town with just 1400 people. Oddly, it's only about a thirty minute drive for me. So  why have I never heard about this place till now?

The Saxapahaw Country General Store and Restaurant sits on the banks of the Haw River in the  middle of nowhere. Locals favorite? Well, it's practically the only thing around. It's been featured in Southern Living and Our State Magazine as one of the best breakfasts in the country (and North Carolina) and their mantra is that they're a 5-star gas station. Situated in an old abandoned mill that's been converted into executive apartments, a coffee shop and a general store, they serve practically the best locally sourced and organic food I've tasted.

I grabbed an omelet and an "endless" cup a coffee and was rewarded with one of the best prepared breakfasts I've ever had. The coffee is off the hook and the place has a hippie, artsy feel with repetitive Alanis Morissette songs that beg you to wonder, "isn't it ironic?" Things are a bit overpriced when it comes to the general store, as expected. The $25 Saxy mug seemed super cool but out of my reach at the moment. However, it appears much of the products are from local craftspeople who are more concerned with their love of North Carolina than competing against capitalistic America.

Everything seems both out of place and a bit perfect for a day off in the country in Saxapahaw. It remains a secret hidden treasure that I'm not sure most people know about... but should. It's probably my new favorite breakfast spot. For what it's worth, the coffee is utterly amazing and it's one of the few restaurants I know where you can fill up with gas and enjoy truly, well-made food in a relaxing atmosphere.

So the search goes on.... if you have any suggestions for my next day trip, leave me a comment!


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