Paradoxical Lexington: Nick's Cheeseburgers in BBQ Land

So the weekly day trips continue in the Mustang. Ran across this video from WXII on a place in Lexington called Nick's:

While Lexington may be known for BBQ, the idea of a Velveeta and chili cheeseburger made me think this was the perfect place for lunch the other day. Sure it's paradoxical to go to a North Carolina city known nationwide for pulled pork, but I'm a bit outside the box.

Nick's, named after the owner's son is somewhat of a southern comfort food haven. In addition to their old fashioned burgers you can also buy pimento cheese burgers much like the defunct Penguin in Charlotte and sweet potato fries.

The whole trip was nice. We hit a few thrift stores in the area and while Lexington or Nick's atmosphere is anything to rave about, it's clear they've got a good thing going when it comes to the food. Wearing shorts and a sweatshirt I felt a bit out of place as everyone there was in an automotive jumpsuit. I suppose that's how you know if a place is good, if the average working Joe lines up the front door.

I ordered a double chili cheeseburger with mustard, chili, onions, lettuce and tomato and a chili cheese fries. We sat outside on the picnic tables and enjoyed the Lexington sun. Was it good? Yes. Was it the best I've ever had? No. Is it worth a drive to Lexington? Absolutely.

I suppose, what I really think, is that the more time I've been back I realize that, creativity wise, the food in North Carolina is more of the same. Yes, I missed a good old Carolina Burger while abroad and I'm glad to be where there's an unlimited supply of variants on the genre, but in a town (Lexington) where they're known for a single food: barbecue, one can't help but wonder where's the hidden gem? Someone that does something different rather than the same. Nick's is by far a good burger, but I long for new tastes that surprise me with each bite. So the search goes on.


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