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Best Damn Mexican Restaurant in North Carolina

Chance turned 14 yesterday and with it we decided to take him out to dinner. "What would you like for your birthday dinner?", I asked after picking him up from school. "I don't know.", he responded. Getting confirmation of anything out of a teenager becomes an  extraction process similar to metaphorically waterboarding terrorists. "If I had a gun to your sisters head and you had to choose between Indian, Italian, Mexican or burgers, what would you choose?" His immediate answer was "I wouldn't.", followed by a "Mexican, I guess...".

Now the hard part comes. How to impress the lad with a superior Mexican dinner worthy of his fourteen years on this planet. Google isn't much help with "best Mexican in North Carolina" or "...Greensboro". Kiosco typically comes back as first choice, but I've gone there while going to UNCG and didn't find it all that impressive. In fact, I've tasted a lot of Mexica…

North Carolina's Craziest Best Buffet: Ye Ole Country Kitchen

While the kids were off in Mexico, we decided to get our grub on at a local buffet. What's more American than an all you can eat smorgasbord of deep fried foods slapped smack dab in a two-hundred year old village and outdoor theatre?  I'm betting you've never thought about eating chocolate chip pecan pie and visiting a colored school house at the same time, but it's possible in North Carolina. With the recent HB2 debacle, part of me becomes angered that such structures still exist and I contemplate if the state will ever be void of a culture that disenfranchises minorities.

On one hand we could say these museum pieces serve to teach future generations the injustice of our pasts, but considering our current political conundrum in North Carolina, I'm starting to move towards the opinion of, burn it down. When cities were conquered in the historical past, the present was built over in their ruins. There's no place for confederate flags or reminders of a state th…

The King of Kings, A Bull Durham Burger.

Travel is an interesting thing. You can travel a mile or a thousand miles and still discover something new. There's no excuse to not get out there and discover, explore and find something new. A perfect example is King's in Durham. This might just seem like another restaurant, just another burger but you'd be entirely wrong. This place has some serious history. Since the 1940s, King's has been dishing out their amazing food right outside the Durham Bull's baseball stadium. Yes, that Durham Bulls:

You can't even begin to imagine the number of celebrities who have graced the steps of this burger joint. This is Durham's  (maybe North Carolina in it's entirety) equivalent of Tommy's in Los Angeles or Pink's in Hollywood. Everything about this place is the perfect expectation of what a burger shack should be. No inside seating, you're served from a window and the food will make you reexamine your entire existence.

When you show up and see lines…

Totalitarian Trump

A few years back I wrote an article about the Tea Party and its totalitarian aspirations. Times change and my blogging has vastly moved on. Yet I still have this article sitting in one of my archives. I rarely write on political matters these days. I've grown frustrated with American politics, especially here in North Carolina. You could argue the latest laws from Governor McCrory and his ill-abled band of merry homophobes are equally embracing the totalitarian state. It's been argued that Trump, McCrory and our current political climate is merely an evolved state of a country that ran Palin for President and encouraged political stagnation in the presence of a rightfully elected black president.

So back to Trump. I revert to my previous article which listed six characteristics for totalitarianism. These are direct from my undergraduate history studies, written by individuals with PhDs.  If you're not familiar with totalitarianism, it is basically a form of government th…

Best Weekend Roadtrip from North Carolina

Here's the thing, everyone thinks either Myrtle Beach or the Mountains when it comes to a weekend getaway. In fact, I've been to Myrtle several times this winter and just returned from Gatlinburg last weekend, but my favorite so far has been Helen, Georgia. Interestingly, I didn't even know the place existed despite having lived here most of my life. It's only about an hour or so further than the beach or the mountains, it's way less touristy and it's super affordable.

Helen, Georgia is a German themed town in the mountains of Georgia (just across the SC border) and it's almost a straight shot down I-85 short of an hour or so in the mountains once you get within Georgia. There's everything from a beer garden (and beer hall that has Octoberfest) to little bakeries and chocolate shops. All of it is like jumping on a plane to Germany and landing in a little Bavarian mountain village. We stayed at a Hotwire hotel (Country Inn and Suites) for about $50 a nig…