Best Damn Mexican Restaurant in North Carolina

A Regular Bull (shredded beef), smothered with sour cream and jalapenos
+habanero salsa and I substituted the beans for rice.
Chance turned 14 yesterday and with it we decided to take him out to dinner. "What would you like for your birthday dinner?", I asked after picking him up from school. "I don't know.", he responded. Getting confirmation of anything out of a teenager becomes an  extraction process similar to metaphorically waterboarding terrorists. "If I had a gun to your sisters head and you had to choose between Indian, Italian, Mexican or burgers, what would you choose?" His immediate answer was "I wouldn't.", followed by a "Mexican, I guess...".

Now the hard part comes. How to impress the lad with a superior Mexican dinner worthy of his fourteen years on this planet. Google isn't much help with "best Mexican in North Carolina" or "...Greensboro". Kiosco typically comes back as first choice, but I've gone there while going to UNCG and didn't find it all that impressive. In fact, I've tasted a lot of Mexican restaurants over the years and most of them are the same. Sure there's the go-to CarnicerĂ­a El Mercadito in Greensboro, for tacos (probably some of the best I've ever had), but I'm not going to take Champ to a Latin supermarket for his birthday.

Then I remember this place in Raleigh I've been wanting to try called the Flying Burrito. It's been featured on the Travel Channel and I've been dying to get there. The only problem is it's over an hour away in rush hour traffic. I figured what the hell, let's take a risk, try something new and see what happens. So we popped the top on the Mustang and headed out.  The weather was perfect, the sunset ideal.

Corn-Hole is one of those things that only happens in the

Was it good? It was divine. You know your world is turned upside down when the white people start making better Mexican food than the Hispanics. I was a little worried knowing this restaurant was in a small shopping center, but after arriving and finding outdoor cantina tables and corn-hole in the parking lot I knew this place had a cool atmosphere. People bring their dogs who lay patiently under tables waiting for their owners to finish or mistakenly drop food. There are beers in hand and this has to be the closest thing to a Miami taco stand I've ever seen.

As for the food? Perfect. The regular burrito, a California style (ate with a fork) variety, is just plain huge. You can get them smothered and covered with cheese, jalapenos and sour cream. I chose the optional habanero hot sauce for a bit of kick. It was the best burrito I've had ever... Seriously.  The flavors are non-traditional, they're a surprise, they're amazing. As I looked over at the dog laying next to me, all I could say is "don't even think about it!" We also ordered nachos and there are also tacos, enchiladas and desserts. Burritos are $10+ once you get all the extras, but well worth it. I don't think they're making a killing here considering the size of these things.
Happy Birthday Tex.

I also need to say that our waitress was amazing. It's rare to encounter service like we did last night and to say that she made the night perfect, even leaving Chance a birthday note, is not an exaggeration. I'm going to crave the Flying Burrito in ways I didn't know that was possible. I'm somewhat glad I live about an hour away, otherwise much like the dogs, you might find me curled under a table begging for more.


  1. If you ever head East again and have a hankering for some tacos/burritos and the like. Give Chuy's a try. If it's anything like they are in Texas, heaven.

  2. We had a Chuy's when I lived in California and this place reminded me of it (a bit better honestly.. Though I'm not quite sure if the Chuy's chain was the same restaurant as I used to know (it's been quite sometime ago.)


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