North Carolina's Craziest Best Buffet: Ye Ole Country Kitchen

When you get within about ten miles of this place, shut the GPS off and just follow the deep-fryer
exhaust till you reach Ye Ole Country Kitchen

While the kids were off in Mexico, we decided to get our grub on at a local buffet. What's more American than an all you can eat smorgasbord of deep fried foods slapped smack dab in a two-hundred year old village and outdoor theatre?  I'm betting you've never thought about eating chocolate chip pecan pie and visiting a colored school house at the same time, but it's possible in North Carolina. With the recent HB2 debacle, part of me becomes angered that such structures still exist and I contemplate if the state will ever be void of a culture that disenfranchises minorities.

I'm guessing the LGBT community might find
this ironic.

On one hand we could say these museum pieces serve to teach future generations the injustice of our pasts, but considering our current political conundrum in North Carolina, I'm starting to move towards the opinion of, burn it down. When cities were conquered in the historical past, the present was built over in their ruins. There's no place for confederate flags or reminders of a state that always was a quagmire of complacency until forced into change. We've tried it long enough, now NC needs a reboot with a reformat and new operating system.

Yet sitting in a John Deere themed interior, my white complexion gains complete access to Snow Camp's Ye Ole Country Kitchen. In what is probably, North Carolina's best buffet you'll be served deep-fried everything with a smile. Want salad with homemade dressing and croutons, check. Want amazing macaroni and cheese with real cheddar cheese melted on top, check. Want unlimited North Carolina pork BBQ or shrimp? This is the place. Renowned for the best fried chicken in North Carolina, everything here appears to be homemade with enough calories from sugar and fat to send your cardiologist into a fit of rage. In the south, if you don't die young then you can't really say you ever were a southerner. There's an inherent risk to eating at Ye Ole Country Kitchen that you may never go home again. Either you'll pass out from a carbohydrate coma or marry the waitress just to have unlimited access to the homemade pound cake. Need I mention, all of this gut busting fun is unlimited with a paid trip to the buffet? Can I get a yee haw?
The post office of doom. Your mail comes in but it never
goes out.

I've been to several of these country themed buffets. There's the Hillbilly Hideaway in Walnut Cove which was fairly decent but will set you back a cool $70-$80 for a family. There's also Snyder Farm's in Sophia and the Pioneer in Archdale. All of them serve similar southern cuisine with a bit of passive aggressiveness (as is the case in the Pioneer) that you must eat what you take. The pioneer goes a bit further and claims they will charge you more if you eat too much. Ye Ole Country Kitchen merely recommends, like your mother, that if you don't eat everything on your plate that some child in Africa will die dreaming about the democracy and freedom you're shoveling into your lips of liberty. In all honesty, while I did fear that I would be reprimanded for not eating my beans in my chili, the wait-staff had no problem with my particularities or my three desserts that I took from the buffet. Would they treat me the same if they knew the woman across from me was my Hispanic lesbian wife or that despite my outward appearance of being Caucasian that I don't understand white people at all sometimes?
"Zee village of my peoples".

So there it is. I don't care who you are, what you look like... take the risk and go to North Carolina's craziest buffet. If you can still move after dinner, tour the theater (or catch a show if it's running). We found the doors to many of the historic buildings open which are fun to explore. The buffet runs on Saturday and Sunday nights from about 4:30 to 8:00 PM. Cost is dirt cheap and they take none of that fancy modern credit card doohickeys (they do have an ATM). The food will set back your diet goals a few decades just like North Carolina government.


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