The King of Kings, A Bull Durham Burger.

King's Sandwich Shop: Durham's Best Burger Stand.

Travel is an interesting thing. You can travel a mile or a thousand miles and still discover something new. There's no excuse to not get out there and discover, explore and find something new. A perfect example is King's in Durham. This might just seem like another restaurant, just another burger but you'd be entirely wrong. This place has some serious history. Since the 1940s, King's has been dishing out their amazing food right outside the Durham Bull's baseball stadium. Yes, that Durham Bulls:

I definitely preferred the
ghetto fabulous Double
King to my date's
Burger Royale.
Either way,
be sure to add chili
and cheese to your burger.
The Buffalo Fries were out of this world.
You can't even begin to imagine the number of celebrities who have graced the steps of this burger joint. This is Durham's  (maybe North Carolina in it's entirety) equivalent of Tommy's in Los Angeles or Pink's in Hollywood. Everything about this place is the perfect expectation of what a burger shack should be. No inside seating, you're served from a window and the food will make you reexamine your entire existence.

When you show up and see lines of Duke University employees and students walking down the road to stand in a line that wraps around the building, it's only then that you know you've found something good. That you've found something worth traveling to. Suddenly you're a part of something bigger than yourself.

I ordered a Double King with chili and cheese. Definitely add the chili and cheese (you have to ask for it). I also recommend the Buffalo Fries, French fries in buffalo sauce with chili and jalapenos. There are shakes, deep fried carrots and fresh squeezed lemonade (yes, vegetarians love this place). That's just the beginning. Fancy a Po Boy or a Burger Royale on ciabatta bread? You got it. The food is to die for, both literally and figuratively. They take credit cards, but are only open 11 AM to 4 PM.  Take the dog, sit outside, and you will fine probably the best damn chili cheeseburger in the entire Triangle. It's definitely worth a drive from the Triad, but don't take my word for it, go for it.


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