Totalitarian Trump

A few years back I wrote an article about the Tea Party and its totalitarian aspirations. Times change and my blogging has vastly moved on. Yet I still have this article sitting in one of my archives. I rarely write on political matters these days. I've grown frustrated with American politics, especially here in North Carolina. You could argue the latest laws from Governor McCrory and his ill-abled band of merry homophobes are equally embracing the totalitarian state. It's been argued that Trump, McCrory and our current political climate is merely an evolved state of a country that ran Palin for President and encouraged political stagnation in the presence of a rightfully elected black president.

So back to Trump. I revert to my previous article which listed six characteristics for totalitarianism. These are direct from my undergraduate history studies, written by individuals with PhDs.  If you're not familiar with totalitarianism, it is basically a form of government that strives to control every aspect of a citizen's life. The most common and perhaps extreme example is Hitler and Germany which U.S. conservatives often cite is a characteristic of the current administration. However, when considering the definition of totalitarianism, we can quickly see how ironically backwards such claims are. So here it is, my blast from the past:

Characteristics of a Totalitarian Trump:

1. Super Patriotic and Nationalistic
Trump has referred to other countries as "ripping us off" and has said “that the United States has become a whipping post for the rest of the world. . . . I deal with people from China, I deal with people from Mexico. They cannot believe what they’re getting away with.”. He's gone on to say that Europe has become a "free rider", wants to build a wall from Mexico. He has pledged to murder terrorists and target their families. Hell, his whole mantra is "make America great". The question is what about everyone else?

2. Believes war is glorious.
Continuing on with the first characteristic, there's no doubt in most people minds including Trump's supporters that this guy is pro war. He's suggested policies that would set Korea and Japan at war with regards to a nuclear attack and his economic intentions of leaving China without an American market is likely the reason China continues to strengthen its military and navy. If America were to turn inwardly there would be no shortage of trade wars with Mexico, Asia and Europe.

3. Use of violence against dissenters.
Have you watched the numerous people dragged out of the various Trump rallies? From flag-stomping protestors to elevated violence, several of his campaign stops have been canceled. Additionally, CBS news has called Trump's campaign in "chaos" after individuals have been stomped, beaten and spit on. Remember, Trump's supporters are those same Tea Party voters who threw bricks through windows and stomped dissenter's heads during the last campaign.

4. Leaders are not constitutionally responsible to the people.
Does anyone remember how many laws were bent and broken under George Bush? How about more recently how the GOP is refusing to appoint Obama's supreme court nominee? Do you honestly think Trump is going to care one bit about the law? The man wants to ban Muslims from entering the country, has called Mexican immigrants "rapists" and wants to end birthright citizenship. We might as well take the constitution and light in on fire the day that Trump is elected.

5. Leader is charismatic and creates a cult like following.
I'm not even sure if I need to address this one. Want to see the Cult of Trump? Google "trump fan" and do an image search. All we need is some snakes and a "heal Jesus" palm to the forehead and this shit is going to become reality TV.

6. Reacts negatively to modern values.
Look at where America is going. In North Carolina, thanks to HB2 we now have segregation back in the toilets. They've rolled back the minimum wage. Trump supporters believe that they can roll back Obama Care and Roe versus Wade once he's elected. Republicans want to "take back America", ban homosexuality and put women in pig-tales and Dirndls.

I mean how far are we now from a President who might end term limits, disband congress or even worse? Perhaps Trump's new political slogan should be "One state, one people, one leader"? I mean, the man is already quoting fascist Mussolini, so go ahead and tell me history can't repeat itself.


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