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World's Best Cinnamon Roll in North Carolina?

Someone once told me that when you hit rock bottom that the only place you can go is up. Considering I hadn't had an American style biscuit in over a year, my diet reached a new level of fuck it a few days ago. Yes, I fell off the wagon. To put it politely, the wagon and me rolled off a cliff on Mother's Day, caught fire in midair and crashed into a fiery explosion which then resulted in a rock slide, natural disaster and extinction of the indigenous population. In one day I had a biscuit, a cinnamon roll and pizza.

Perhaps I shouldn't feel so guilty, but I do. I suppose that's why I've become such a snob with eating out. I don't want to put just an average cinnamon roll in my mouth, I want the best. If I'm going to suffer the shame and high blood glucose levels, then damn it, it's going to be worth it.

I had been promising Ren that I'd take her to Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen for sometime. The place has quite a reputation from both Food Network shows …