Love Valley, a North Carolina Ghost Town

After replacing the top on the Mustang from Kee Tops in Charlotte, we decided to take off to Love Valley, North Carolina. It's an old west themed town between Winston Salem and Statesville. Okay, you're thinking... this is the South, not Arizona. It's true, Love Valley immediately brought memories back of Oatman, a small gun slinging town on Route 66 with burros in the streets and tons of gift shops. Love Valley seems to be having trouble with their publicity model though. We were literally the only ones there. Yes, it's an old west town. Yes it looks like a movie set, but there's nothing there. All the buildings are for sale, and the few occupied buildings were closed. Was it worth the drive, sure! Just don't expect much unless you're willing to invest a few hundred thousand dollars into this defunct tourist town and settle down.

It's not Hill Valley, it's Love Valley and it's in North Carolina

Love Valley needs some serious capital investment and some really good publicity. It appears what's left these days are a few campgrounds and a place to ride your horse. It's worth a stop, and it's completely out of place in North Carolina, but I was rather underwhelmed with the place. Every street is named after a woman (or a horse). I suppose that's how you know it's love, when they name a street after you.

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While in Statesville we hit Fort Dobbs, a rather bland archeological site and dropped by Burrito Brothers in Asheboro on the way home. In fact, the most impressive thing of the day was their Giant House Burrito that was the size of a small cat. Delicious.


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