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Desegregation of North Carolina, 60 Years Later

Brown Versus The Board of Education was handed down May 17, 1954, now, some sixty plus years in the future the remnants of the court case that ended separate schools for blacks and whites still remain. In the small town of Liberty, North Carolina still exists West Liberty High School, known by many locals as The Old School.

Built in 1966, it was the newest of schools in the Randolph County School System and would have made a perfect place for the bright young minds of the area after integration. However, the town was split in two. Two downtowns, two schools and two colors were literally divided by the railroad track through the middle of town and that served as a barrier between Liberty and West Liberty.

Rather than close the older "white" school or permit both schools to operate whereby white students might need to venture into the "black" side of town, the school board, undoubtedly with racist political pressure, decided to close the newer school in West Liber…