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Dear Becky from Hillsdale Lake Greensboro,

Hillsdale Lake is situated just off Battleground Avenue up Strawberry Road. It's a gorgeous lake on a quiet side road with a small pier and a tiny pavilion. Throw a 1977 Instagram filter on your selfie and lay out on the wood boardwalk as the warm summer breeze blows over your mid-drift. It all takes you back to simpler times. Think 80s movies like the Legend of Billie Jean. You could easily Pinterest Hillsdale as the idyllic life for Greensboro. That's until Becky shows up in her mini-van.

I've been going to Hillsdale since I was a teenager. A friend of a friend divulged this secret skinny dipping spot to our band of merry troublemakers in a former life. During the 90s, we were chased out of this community by the cops more times than I can count. As a teenager it was warranted. We'd arrive after midnight, often doing what teenagers in Greensboro do.

Yesterday, after a bit of chicken and waffles from Dame's we drove with the top down on the Mustang out to the lake…

Purposeless, Jobs and Public Relations in North Carolina.

I hit the submit button on the application for a job I don't really want. A horrible call-center in Greensboro not unlike the one I used to work at many years ago. Sylvestor Stallone's Rocky voice rolls through my head, "Did we ever really leave this place Adrian?". The thought of taking this job is enough to make me crawl into the bath-tub, pull the curtain closed, draw a warm bath and gently take a rusted razor-blade across my wrist. I ask myself, "Maybe a master's degree from an ivy league UK university was a bad idea?", as I clutch my student loan bill. The veins in my head pulsate as I peruse the classified sections of two major newspapers in the Piedmont Triad with only about three actual jobs in them. "Did I really put all this effort into my education to become a biscuit maker at Bojangles again?", I contemplate.

Three weeks ago I was travelling across Spain on foot. I walked from southern France over the Pyranees to the west coast of…