Lady and The Trump

The Days of Our Lives.... here in America.
"Dog, Fat, Pig, Disgusting Animal". -Donald Trump

 At 6:30 Am this morning I woke up with Trump in my head. Hillary's political adverts on our dystopic American future for women, should Trump win, has only increased my own self-hate. Rarely, just as many women, do I feel beautiful. Now, the  climate of America's gender gap has brought me to tears as I wake up. I know I'll never be the ideal woman, I'll never fit into the expectations of beauty, but like any other woman, I long to hear those three little words. For just a second I want to forget my flaws and feel attractive rather than monstrous.

"Miss Piggy" - Trump

Here's a secret men, we women all have this voice in our head. We call ourselves fat-asses, lazy, we feel constant guilt after eating. We ALL have eating disorders that range from anorexia to binge eating. Our entire lives, every success and failure, is the result of the voice in our heads telling us to be better, work harder than you, don't eat that, and exercise. Because a woman who is less than perfect will not be loved and not get the job. Indeed, research by the Journal of Human Relations suggests at least half of employers are unwilling to hire overweight women.

"Put that in her bonnet and let's see what happens." -Trump

Recently, this voice in my head, berating me, punishing me, is Donald Trump. More damning is that apparently 50% of the country is willing to vote for him, so clearly many of you feel the same about me. There's little doubt, many of us judged Hillary's beauty with the same harshness. While Trump often looks like a orange Oompa Loompa that stole a toupee from an orangutan at the Asheboro Zoo, it's Clinton's appearance that has many people questioning whether she was capable and fit for presidency. As someone in Public Relations, I often cringe at her choice of pant suits and lack of femininity when it comes to presentation. I've learned first hand that the "image is everything" mantra is a sad truth of success in America. Yet, as a compassionate human being (who hasn't completely lost her soul), I realize that such ideas indicate that I too may have fallen into the same dark abyss as Trump. I'm no Clinton fan-girl (I voted for Sanders), but clearly I've failed  to realize Clinton's true beauty is her endurance of rising above her husband's indiscretions, working her way up through politics in her own right and owning every wrinkle and gray hair to be within a pissing distance of the most powerful position in the world. She literally clawed her way to the top from the cuckolded abyss. Who wouldn't have a few scars? How beautiful is that? Who cares if she's wearing curtains? If Miss Universe can't pass the test of Trump and his supporters, then no one will be good enough to be the first female president of the United States.

So here's my advice. If there's a woman in you're life, remind them daily that they're beautiful. Tell them they're gorgeous. Because you have no idea what it's like to live in this world and try to succeed. What it's like to get out of bed every morning and live up to your ideals. Don't tell them because you have to, but because it's true. She's beautiful because of what she's accomplished, where she's gone and how she's still standing there, beside you. This, despite the fact she will never feel good enough or hold certainty. There's no harsher critic than a woman to herself. How can America the beautiful retain this expectation, if she no longer believes it?


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