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How not to land a job overseas in world ran by Trump

You're a kind good working person who cares for others. You struggle to get by but live your life with honesty, integrity and common sense values. These are what many people, including those who voted for Trump (I did not), might see as the pillars that make up American culture. However, ask many foreigners what their perception is of American culture, from outside the paradigm, and you'll quickly find confusion. Even for some of us within the bubble, indeed, it's still perplexing. Why wouldn't everyone deserve health-care, the freedom of buying international goods and the opportunity for greater interconnectedness? We're a country that loves to insist on high ideals but find many of the structures that bind our culture and society today to be paradoxical to that fact. I'm reminded of Lynn Nottage, a Pulitzer Price winning playwright, an Occupy Wall Street activist and playwright who penned "Ruined", a play about Congolese women who are brutally rape…