Liv Jones

Who am I?

My name is Liv and I'm a creative dreamer who believes a good story can change the world.  I am forever an optimist and a gladiator against the impossible. I'm a believer in all things possible, dreamt or real. I love cliches, good food and have been known to spontaneously break into song and dance. I'm at my best when I am running into the wind, arms out, chasing my own free-will and changing destiny.

My past has taken me to many far off lands, foreign words and friendships. Over the years I've had the opportunity to live many different lives and will always be glad the fire of adventure has always burned within me.

I recently finished a MA in International Public Relations and Global Communications Management at the University of Cardiff Wales. There I completed a dissertation of the Consequences of Communications Failures in Internal Communications Aviation.

In 2014, I obtained a BA in International Affairs and Global Development from UNC Greensboro with additional minors in French and Theater. I graduated cum laude.

Currently, I'm pursuing career opportunities around the world which will continue to permit me to feed the fire within of adventure and travel. If you're in the market for one hell of an amazing communications professional, then please, drop me a line or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Additionally, I accept love letters, job offers, random death-threats or stalking at:

Likewise, you can follow me, or contact me on social media if you prefer.

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